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  • August 25

    On August 25, 2011, Tiens Group and "China Academy of Inspection and Quarantine" (hereinafter referred to as "CAIQ") cooperated with each other, and built China's first health food safety research center, which was officially inaugurated in Tiens International Health Industrial Park in Wuqing District of Tianjin. "China Inspection and Quarantine Tiens Technology Award Fund" was also officially launched on the same day. The establishment of the Center will make the quality inspection of Tiens Group take the lead in the industry, take on to a new level, and play an active role in the promotion of China's food safety inspection development, maintain the consumers’ rights and interests, as well as food safety.

  • August 3

    In the expectations and good wishes of thousands of worldwide Tiens citizens, the 16th Anniversary Celebration of Tiens Group was grantly held in the Tiens International Health Industrial Park.The senior management of Tiens Group, honored guests from the government and the industry and marketing elites of TIENS gathered here to witness the historically extraordinary moment of TIENS.

  • June 30

    On the afternoon of June 30, 2011, accompanied by Zhong Shuming, Standing Member of the Party Committee of Wuqing District and Secretary of the Working Committee of Wuqing Development Area, Wang Haifu, Director of Tianjin Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce, leading some people, paid a visit to Tiens Group and awarded the medal and certificate of "Well-known Brand in China" to the group. For TIENS, the medal of 'Well-known Brand in China' is not only an inspiration, but also means a responsibility. Tiens citizens will take this opportunity to keep creating a world-renowned national brand and show the prestige of our nation.

  • June 3

    The opening ceremony of Tiens Museum has been held in a grand style. The museum is a large-scale internationalized corporate exhibition building integrating traditional Chinese aesthetic elements and multiple modern hi-tech exhibition methods. Its usage area totals 6,500 sqm, among which the exhibition area covers 4,500 sqm. The museum is divided into 7 basic exhibition areas, whose themes are respectively "Excellent Team, Development Journey, Business Start-up Stories, Wealth Creating Stories, Tiens Honor, Tiens Charity, and Future Outlook", as well as two exhibition sub-areas, namely "Chinese Health-preserving Culture" and "Tiens Product Exhibition". The completed Tiens Museum will be an important window and platform for Tiens Group to spread China's 5000-year health-preserving culture essence, showcase the Group's development journey, and carry forward the company's culture.

  • MAY 28- June 1

    As a famous local enterprise in Tianjin, and a leader in China's health product industry, Tiens Group attended the "18th China • Tianjin Investment and Trade Fair & 7th PECC International Trade and Investment Fair". TIENS exhibited the company's glorious achievements during its 16-year development history under the leadership of Chairman Li Jinyuan, themed with "leading the great development of Tiens greater health industry", taking "Tiens greater health industry sets sail" as the design concept, setting foot on the development strategy of "greater health industry", sticking to the development strategy of globalization, the nationality of the enterprise, building a international famed brand, and performing its corporate social responsibility.

  • May 21

    The Summit of "Human Health & Livelihood" – the unveiling ceremony of TIENS Life Science and Technology Research Centre and the opening ceremony for Tai Ji Sun Hospital International Health Management Centre was successfully held at the concourse hall. Those who attended include the Vice President of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Mdm. Zhang Meiying, the Vice President of Cambodia and 20 more foreign partners.

  • May 18

    The 2011 Memorial Ceremony of Tiens Group China Region "May 18 Benevolence Day" was held grandly in Tiens Group International Convention Center. Leaders of Tiens Group, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Tianjin Municipal Trade Union, Tianjin Women's Federation, the Trade Union in Wuqing District, and Women's Federation in Wuqing District were presented at the ceremony. At the ceremony, Tiens Group and China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation jointly launched "Tiens Big Hands Holding Small Hands Sight Regaining Plan". Meanwhile, leaders of Tiens Group decided to use part of the ticket income of this ceremony to build a Tiens loving-heart dinning hall for the children of Tiens Love School in Ji County, Tianjin. Besides, "Ten Great People Touching Tiens Group", "Five-Virtues Families" and "Tiens Honorary Life Membership Award" were also unveiled at the ceremony.

  • May 18

    The sixth "TIENS Benevolence Day", the Tiens Group CSR Report Meeting and Release Ceremony of the "2011 Tiens Group CSR Report" themed "Feel, Creat and Spread Love" was successfully held in the Tiens International Conference Center. Those present at the event include Tiens board chairman Li Jinyuan, the Group senior executives and part of management representatives, related government officials, leaders from China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA), as well as leaders from China Health Care Association (CHCA). The release ceremony also attracted reporters from more than domestic mainstream media. The attendees reviewed the Group's experience in carrying out its corporate social responsibilities in the past years, and offered their advices for TIENS to better fulfill its responsibilities.

  • March 11

    Tianjin Tianshi Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. has officially acquired the "Direct Selling Business License" authorized by the Department of Commerce. With the license acquisition, TIENS will be greeted by new development opportunities and broader growth space, and also, in particular, more responsibilities. Tiens people cherish the honor, and will, as usual, stick to the development path of "globalization". Under the guidance of its development strategy of "Great Health Industry", TIENS will continuously upgrade its management level, and make its business management behavior more scientific, standardized and regular, so as to grow into a stronger and bigger company, build an international Chinese brand in direct selling, realize sustainable development, perform more social responsibilities, and make more contributions to improve the nation's economic growth and social harmony.

  • January 28

    Tiens Group's Award Ceremony for 2010 & New Year Gala of 2011 was formally held in TIENS International Conference Center. The event was attended by group leaders, overseas managers, outstanding distributor representatives, and all managerial personnel of the goup. The conference assessed the past, envisioned the future, and praised the individuals and collectives who have devoted themselves to their work and contributed to the development of Tiens Group. Apart from the exciting awards presentation, the employees staged some spectacular shows that represented Tiens Group's corporate culture and loving care for people. Throughout the event, the programs were received with resounding cheers and applause.


  • October 20

    Following the grand celebration festival of Tiens 15th anniversary, all Tiens citizens around the globe ushered in another unforgettable day, on which ceremonies were held at Tiens International Health Industrial Park to celebrate the relocation of Tiens headquarters, the starting of Logistics Warehouse & Workshop, the trial operation of Tai Ji Sun Health Management Co., Ltd. Tiens senior executives, distinguished guests from domestic and foreign governments, well-known media, industry experts and scholars and some Tiens marketing partners gathered at Tiens International Health Industrial Park to witness another solemn and glorious celebration of Tiens Group.

  • August 3

    Tiens Group 15th Anniversary Ceremony was solemnly unveiled at Tiens International Health Industrial Park. Some 20,000 people, including Tiens Group senior management, government leaders, authoritative media, Tiens' strategic alliance partners and global Tiens members, collectively witnessed this spectacular ceremony of TIENS.

  • July 3

    The signing ceremony of "Health Science" Strategic Alliance of Tiens Group and the opening ceremony of All-legend Hotel were solemnly held in Tiens International Health Industrial Park, with dozens of participating media including CCTV as well as a total 1,000 guests. This was the first project to come into real operation, in Tiens' 7-billion plan to establish International Health Industrial Park and International Hotel Group of Health Preservation by Chinese Medicines.

  • June 28

    The World Brand Lab (WBL), the world-renowned brand value assessment organization, held the 2010 annual world brand conference in JW Marriott Hotel Beijing and promulgated the ranking of 2010 "Top 500 Most Valuable Brands of China". With the brand value of RMB 11.058 billion, Tiens Group was ranked No. 71 of all, No. 1 of health care products and No. 1 of Tianjin. This honor is the recognition of the splendid achievements of Tiens Group's global development; the award for Tiens Group's persistence in performing the social responsibilities as a corporate citizen and great contributions to social welfare; and the recognition for Tiens Group's adhering to carrying forward the 5000-year health preservation culture of China and creating an independent brand unde the leadership of Chairman Li Jinyuan.

  • May 18

    Themed as "Let the World Filled with Love", TIENS Group 5.18 Charity Day and the Second Awarding Ceremony for Top 10 "Moving Tiens" Figures were held in the auditorium on the first floor of TIENS International Conference Center. During the event, officials from Tianjin Red Cross granted Chairman Li Jinyuan with Red Cross Flag representing life saving acts and announced that a branch of Tianjin Red Cross will be established in Tiens Group, which could be regarded as a high recognition of long-time philanthropic efforts by Tiens Group. In addition, 10 "Moving Tiens" figures were voted and awarded on that day. It is believed that with concerted efforts of all TIENS people, Tiens Group will carry on its philanthropic cause and expand it to a new dimension.

  • April 22

    The start-up ceremony of the first Tiens Group donation activity for Yushu, Qinghai Province was held in drizzly rain, and TIENS people expressed their love for condoling with the people who live in disaster area. The first batch of donation includes cash RMB 2 million and anti-seismic materials valued RMB 5 million.

  • April 21

    TIENS Vietnam Co., Ltd obtains Direct Selling License successfully, and becomes the first company that has obtained direct selling license in Hai Duong, Vietnam. This indicates that TIENS Vietnam Co., Ltd is developing vigorously and soundly and this lays a solid foundation for TIENS to expand global market.

  • January 28

    Tiens Group's Award Ceremony for 2009 & New Year Gala of 2010 was formally held in TIENS International Conference Center. The event was attended by group leaders, overseas managers, outstanding distributor representatives, and all managerial personnel of the goup. The conference assessed the past, envisioned the future, and praised the individuals and collectives who have devoted themselves to their work and contributed to the development of Tiens Group. Apart from the exciting awards presentation, the employees staged some spectacular shows that represented Tiens Group's corporate culture and loving care for people. Throughout the event, the programs were received with resounding cheers and applause.


  • December 10

    The 2010 Tiens Group Contract Swearing-in Ceremony was successfully held at the International Convention Center. Group president, senior executives, as well as the whole managerial personnel attended and witnessed the ceremony. At the ceremony, leaders of all centers of the G roup signed the 2010 performance contract with the president, and solemnly swore that all will take the swearing-in ceremony as a turning point. With the guidance of the Group development strategy, they will keep high morale and strong passion to live up to the mission and responsibility to drive forward all business fields, so as to fully realize the broader development of Tiens Group in 2010, and compose a splendid charpter of TIENS history with another great victory.

  • November 17

    TIENS Vietnam Co., Ltd held a grand opening ceremony today. Senior executives of Tiens Group, the Vietnamese government leaders at all levels and the majority of TIENS partners attended the ceremony. On the opening ceremony, manufacturing base in Vietnam formally obtained Hygiene License for Production, which marks TIENS Vietnam Co., Ltd can be lawfully engaged in production and operation activities in Vietnam. At the same time, civil work in Vietnam, undertaken by Tiens Group, features short duration and excellent results, and has been awarded with "Outstanding Project Award" granted by the Vietnamese Government. The grand opening of manufacturing base in Vietnam indicates that Tiens Group has boasted capability and qualification for manufacturing top-quality products in overseas regions, which provides powerful source and guarantee for Tiens Group to expand the overseas markets and make a solid stride towards the goal of the Fortune 500 in advance. manufacturing base in Vietnam will write a glorious chapter in the development history of Tiens Group.

  • October 1

    Grand celebrations were held on October 1, 2009 to mark the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China. Li Jinyuan, the Chairman of Tiens Group, as an outstanding national representative, honorably mounted the admirable National Day Tribune together with the Party and State leaders and distinguished people from all social circles to review the grand parades of the servicemen and people from all walks of life. This is the pride of Tiens Group and the glory of Chairman Li Jinyuan. What is more important is that it is a new opportunity for TIENS people to endeavor to make greater achievements in the world.

  • September 29

    The Fifth National Ethnic Unity and Progress Award Assembly of the State Council was held in Beijing on September 29, 2009, at which Li Jinyuan, the Chairman of Tiens Group, was honorably awarded the title of "Model Individual of the Fifth National Ethnic Unity and Progress Award Assembly".

  • August 2

    This August is to be remembered for long as an exciting midsummer, when TIENS people once again had their common global holiday—the grand celebration of the 14th anniversary of the founding of Tiens Group. On that glorious day filled with dream and honor, nearly 10 thousand TIENS friends from all over the world gathered cheerfully and happily at the TIENS College Stadium to jointly celebrate their own festival. Smiling faces represented the spirit and style of TIENS people and friendly and kind words shortened their distance. Dream, glory, excitement and expectations were displayed on every face of TIENS people. For details, please refer to the following website:

  • July 16

    The celebration of the 15th anniversary of China Charity Federation and the Award Assembly of Outstanding Contributors to China Charity were ceremoniously held in the Great Hall of the People on July 16, 2009. Li Jinyuan, the Chairman of Tiens Group, was honorably awarded "the Prize for Outstanding Contributions to China's Charity Cause" in the selection of "Outstanding Contributors to China's Charity Cause" this time. This honor is a recognition to Mr. Li Jinyuan for his advocacy of kindness and virtue and for his exhibition of love and justice. It is also a confirmation of TIENS" contribution to the charity undertakings.

  • July 10

    The grand Award Assembly of the 5th Top 100 Education-Oriented Enterprises in China was ceremoniously held in the Athlete Apartment Hotel of the National Olympic Sports Center on July 10, 2009 in Beijing. In the selection of the top 100 education-oriented enterprises in China this time, Mr. Li Jinyuan, the Chairman of Tiens Group, was awarded the honorable title of "one of the top 10 education-oriented entrepreneurs of China in 2009" and Tiens Group was honorably awarded the following three laurels: "The Prize of Outstanding Achievements in Enterprise Education and Training in China in 2009", "One of China's Top 100 Advanced Units in Enterprise Education in 2009" and "The Enterprise Training Demonstration Base in China in 2009". Those honors have fully demonstrated the full recognition to the education and training work of Tiens Group by the society. They are the recognition to the practical achievement of Tiens Group in the enterprise education and training and once again the confirmation of the enterprise development strategy and leadership of Chairman Li Jinyuan.

  • June 29

    The signing ceremony of the Strategic Cooperation Agreement of TIENS International University Program was ceremoniously held on June 29, 2009 at the TIENS International Conference Center. Chairman Li Jinyuan expressed at the ceremony that Tiens Group would avail itself of the opportunity of the strategic cooperation with the Head Office of the Wuqing Development Zone to speed up the development and construction of the TIENS International University, establish an educational system with its own characters and make the greatest effort and contribution to promoting the internationalized education.

  • June 28

    "The Grand Awarding Ceremony of the Chinese Brands Assembly" organized by the Urban Development Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Economic Research Center of the Chinese College of Management Science, China Association of Brand Management, the Asian Brands Union Organization and the Commercial Times Newspaper Office was held on June 28, 2009 at Xiangshuiwan, Sanya, Hainan Province. Tiens Group was favored, recognized and awarded many honors by the Assembly Organizing Committee for its powerful economic strength, its global development strategy, its endless endeavor to build its own independent brand and its long-term performance of the corporate social responsibility. Chairman Li Jinyuan was honorably awarded such prizes and honors as "One of the Top 10 Leaders of the Health Care Industry in Asia" and "One of the Top 10 leaders of the Health Care Industry in the 60 Splendid Years of China". Tiens Group was awarded such laurel as "One of the 10 Leading Brand Enterprises of the Health Care Industry in Asia". And TIENS brand was awarded the honor of "One of the 10 Most Favorite Brands of the Customers in the Health Care Industry of Asia".

  • May 18

    The Fourth 5.18 Charity Day Commemorate Event of Tiens Group 2009 cum The First Awarding Ceremony of Top 10 Figures of "Moving TIENS" was unveiled at the TIENS International Conference Centre. Chairman Li Jinyuan attended the event together with middle and top management personnel, officers from China Red Cross and Women Association from Wuqing district as well as almost one thousand TIENS fellow. The touching and weeping scene of "Resisting quake to rescue, mercy on disaster areas" last year as if still happened not long ago, the charity event for this year held once again, TIENS fellow passing plentiful of kindheartedness as usual with full bosom of passion, spreading the unique charity culture of Tiens Group.


  • December 5

    The Second Chinese Charity Conference cum Recognition of Chinese Charity Award 2008 was grandly held on the 5 December 2008 at the Beijing Peoples Convention Hall organized by the Ministry of Civil Administration. Li Jinyuan, the President of Tiens Group received the Chinese Charity Award 2008. Hu Jingtao, the Secretary-general of China Communist Party and National Chairman, Li Keqiang, the Deputy Prime Minister of State Department, leaders of the party and nation attended the conference, congratulated and met all awarded delegates.

  • September 25-27

    TIENS International Tour Seminar 2008, a three-day event from the 25th until 27th of September, held successfully at Tiens Group headquarters located at Wuqing Development Area, Tianjin New Tech Industrial Park. The theme of the TIENS International Tour Seminar is "Together We Share!", three main activities namely "TIENS International Products Exhibition 2008", "TIENS BBS of Global Excellent Distributors 2008" and "TIENS International Market Developing Education Seminar 2008——The Second Global Top Distributors Summit 2008".This is the very first international convention held at group headquarters since the existence of Tiens Group. Top management team and managers of Tiens Group headquarters and regional offices, VIP from government departments, authorized media, strategic partners of Tiens Group, nearly 20,000 sales elites from all over the world regardless of skin colors, nationalities and races witnessed the glorious and grand cerebration of Tiens Group together.

  • August 1

    The 13th Anniversary celebration of Tiens Group was grandly held at TIENS International Conference Centre, the theme of the event is "Faith, Enthusiasm, Appreciation, Transcend". More than one thousand associates of TIENS gathered together with the management team of the Group to celebrate anniversary of Tiens Group.

  • May 16

    In order to welcome the coming of the third 5.18 TIENS Charity Day and dedicate more love to the society, Tiens Group held charity meeting on May 16th. In the meeting, Tiens Group donated 17 million yuan at first to help the people in the Wenchuan disaster area to conquer the disaster and rebuild their hometown. After that, Tiens Group organized the staff and dealers to donate money and blood. Until now, Tiens Group has donated more than RMB 23 million. This is the first meeting which is full of special historic significance. Tiens Group will take the responsibility to help the society philanthropy undertaking.


  • October 28

    Tiens Group International Annual Convention 2007 was grandly convened in Nairobi, the capital of beautiful African country Kenya. More than 5,000 people from various parts of the world gathered to celebrate the festival and shared glory achievement of TIENS.

  • May 10

    The launching ceremony of Tiens Group branding strategy and new logo was held successfully on the 10th May, top management personnel of Tiens Group, National Advisory Board Committee, all managers and executives of the Group and China region witnessed the historical moment of inauguration of Tiens Group branding strategy and new logo. Since then, Tiens Group will march towards the goal of becoming a member of the "World top 500" with a brand-new internationalized brand image.


  • November 6

    On the evening of November 6 in Paris, Tiens Group successfully launched its cosmetics products together with Frechic and Aprotie at the Eiffel Tower. The product launch ceremony marks the entry of Chinese cosmetic products into the French cosmetics market.

  • November 4

    Mr. Li Jinyuan, President of Tiens Group, attended the Beijing Summit on China-Africa Cooperation held at the Great Hall of the People, the High-Level Dialogue between Chinese and African Leaders and Business Executives, and Opening Ceremony of the 2nd Conference of Chinese and African Entrepreneurs. On the same day, "China Daily", the only English language newspaper published globally by China, covered how Tiens Group President Li Jinyuan have been pursuing harmonious development in African for many years.

  • September 16

    The 11th Anniversary Celebration of Tiens Group was held at the SENAYAN Sports Stadium in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Nearly 100,000 people from all over the world attended the celebration conference. During the conference, the Indonesian Record Museum (Museum Rekor Dunia Indonesia) awarded Tiens Group the largest-scale direct selling effort in Indonesian history.

  • July 18

    President Li Jinyuan was invited to Taiwan to start up the TIENS-Chang Gung Global Strategy Alliance. This alliance is the largest in Taiwan's business field. At the press conference for the signing of the TIENS-Chang Gung Global Strategy Alliance, President Li Jinyuan indicated that this may be just the first step of the Tiens Group for cross-Straits biotechnology cooperation. Together with their alliance partners, Tiens Group would strive to perform the international stage.

  • June 20

    The Annual CEO Committee Summit of WFDSA was held in the Kempinski Hotel, Munich, Germany. The summit was organized by WFDSA, and 18 CEOs and several special guests attended the Summit from well-known direct selling corporations all around the world. Mr. Li Jinyuan, President of Tiens Group, attended the summit as a member of the CEO Committee.

  • May 19

    The construction ceremony of the TIENS International Health Industrial Park was held in the Wuqing Development Area in Tianjin. The Park takes Tiens Group into a new development phrase. The Park also lays the foundation for Tiens Group's goal of reaching the Global Top 500, and will become the incubator for the future development of Tiens Group.

  • May 18

    A Large-scale Love and Charity Theme Party, titled "Love in the Universe" was jointly held by eight Ministries and Commissions and the organs of the central government at TEDA Sports Stadium in the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Area (TEDA). This charity party included over 30,000 people of various ethic backgrounds from more than 100 countries and regions. People of different races and ethnicities came together in Tianjin and sang a song about "the Theme of Love" in different languages. At the performance party, the Tiens Group donated more than RMB10 million for public welfare. President Li established May 18 as "TIENS Charity Day".

  • May 17-18

    2006 TIENS Products Carnival, with the theme of "Together We Share" was held at the Hong Kong and Macao Shopping Center in the Tianjin Duty-free Zone, which was the first large commodity exhibition in TIENS' history. Thirty-two strategic partners of Tiens Group from different countries exhibited their latest products and interacted with the audience in the Binhai New Area. This was a historic exhibition and is a milestone in the development of Tiens Group.

  • April 10

    Tiens Group hosted a convention of "New Supermarket Project" at the head office. This purpose of the convention was to implement the New Supermarket Project and also served as a symbol of the implementation of TIENS' development strategy.

  • March 14-15

    The 2nd 2006 TIENS Global Strategic Alliance Conference, and the signing ceremony of Tiens Group and its strategic cooperative partners, were held in Tianjin. Forty strategic cooperative partners signed cooperative agreements with Tiens Group. The senior management from Chinese and foreign well-known enterprises, many from the Global Top 500, attended the conference. The conference aimed to develop the "TIENS" brand, encourage cooperate among powers, and to achieve innovation.

  • January 5

    The unveiling ceremony of 2005 "TIENS" News Billboard of China Online Media was held in Beijing Haoyuan Jian'guo Hotel on January 5, which was the only nationwide large-scale online news competition, which was jointly launched by several online media organizations. The event was attended by leaders from the Information Office of the State Council, the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, Xinhua News Agency, and Guangming Daily and more than 30 representatives of various news websites.


  • December 29

    TIENS International Tourism Corporation, i.e., Beijing Star International Travel Co., Ltd., was officially established and registration. Based on the "Six-Network Interaction Theory" developed by President Li Jinyuan, Beijing Star will play a big part in TIENS' future network expansion and in the international tourism industry.

  • October 19-21

    The 12th WFDSA World Congress was held in London. Tiens Group attended the Congress as the only WFDSA member and Platinum Sponsor in mainland China. President Li Jinyuan, one of the few Chinese members of the WFDSA CEO Council, attended ththe congress. President Li Jinyuan's membership demonstrates that the international direct selling industry places a great deal of significance on Tiens Group.

  • September 5

    On September 2, the Chinese Government issued Regulations on the Administration of Direct Selling and Regulations Outlawing Multi-level Marketing, which aimed to standardize the development of the direct selling industry in China. In response to the regulations, Tiens Group held a meeting with media representatives at the Henderson Center in Beijing on September 5. TIENS expressed its commitment to advocating and abiding by the Regulations and taking a lead in the direct selling industry.

  • August 26

    At the Hebei Hall of the Great Hall of the People, Tiens Group was granted the HACCP Food Security Management System Certification. Tiens Group is the first enterprise to earn the HACCP Certificate in the domestic food industry. The certification indicates that the Tiens Group food safety management has reached international levels.

  • August 3

    On the 10th anniversary of Tiens Group, the ceremony to lay the foundation stone of the TIENS International Health Industrial Park was held at Wuqing Development Area in Tianjin. The mentioned project occupied land size of 1200 mou, with about RMB 7 Billion Yuan invested. An integrated industrial for product research & development, incubation testing, manufacturing, international logistics, international training, international tourism. When it is completed it will have a production capacity of RMB 30 Billion Yuan and be the engine head to spearhead corporate cohesiveness, innovation, international branding and continuous corporate development. The mentioned project occupied land size of 1200 mou, with about RMB 7 Billion Yuan invested. An integrated industrial for product research & development, incubation testing, manufacturing, international logistics, international training, international tourism. When it is completed it will have a production capacity of RMB 30 Billion Yuan and be the engine head to spearhead corporate cohesiveness, innovation, international branding and continuous corporate development.

  • March 10

    Ms. Peng Peiyun, President of the Red Cross Society of China & Honorary Chairman of the All-China Women's Federation, visited Tiens Group. Ms. Peng Peiyun praised Tiens Group's contribution to public welfare and charity.

  • January 12-13

    WFDSA's CEO Council Meeting was held in Beijing. As a member of WFDSA CEO Council, President Li Jinyuan was invited to attend the meeting for the first time.

  • January 12

    President Li Jinyuan, and Mr. Donald Evans, American Minister of Commerce, had an informal meeting at the American Embassy in Beijing. Mr. Evans congratulated Tiens Group for its rapid development.


  • December 7

    Tianshi Yihai Co., Ltd. and the TIENS Investment Group were established in Shanghai. In addition, construction of the new office of TIENS International Marketing Group was completed in Tianjin.

  • August 3

    The 9th Anniversary Celebration of Tiens Group was held in the stadium of Tianshi College. TIENS employees from different racial and ethnic backgrounds gathered to celebrate the great achievements of TIENS in the past nine years and to look forward to TIENS' bright future.

  • July 16

    On behalf of Chinese entrepreneurs, Mr. Li Jinyuan, Chairman & President of Tiens Group, met with Mr. Amadou Toumany Toure, President of the Republic of Mali, at Mali Embassy in Beijing. As a result of their meeting, President Toure gained an understood the history and future of TIENS, which laid a solid foundation for TIENS' development in Mali.

  • March 27

    Tiens Group Co., Ltd. at a signing ceremony and press conference in Shanghai, announced the investment of USD 400Million to build the TIENS Industry Base in Zhujiajiao, Shanghai. Mr. Tomur Dawamat, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, wrote a congratulation letter to encourage Tiens Group to make greater contributions to Chinese economic development. The Construction of the Industry Base will build a solid foundation for TIENS' further development.

  • March 23

    Tiens Group entered into the insurance industry. Jintou Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. obtained ratification from the China Insurance Regulatory Commission and entered the stage of formal preparation.

  • March 10

    During the National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Tiens Group sponsored "Dating of Spring", an exclusive program of "The Same Song" of CCTV. President Li Jinyuan sang a song with representatives who attended the two Congresses to express their love and affection for the Communist Party of China and Chinese people.

  • January 22

    The 4th Malaysia International Annual Meeting 2004 was held in Kuala Lumpur, the picturesque capital of Malaysia. More than 10,000 TIENS' employees from all over the world gathered together, reviewed achievements over the past year and planned for the future. This meeting signalled that Tiens Group would begin a new journey in the dawn of a new year. It was a milestone in the development of Tiens Group.


  • November 9

    Tiens Group's New Swap and Alternative Theory was presented based on the publication of new book and a seminar which was held at the Great Hall of the People. Representatives of media outlets such as People's Daily, Economic Daily, Guangming Daily, CCTV, and Phoenix TV reported on this seminar. Based on the successful swap and alternative experience of Tiens Group and other companies, President Li Jinyuan advanced this theory with scientific research and theoretical conclusions. Swap and Alternative theory guides enterprises in international business and achieving development in leaps.

  • July 28

    Tianjin Jintou Futures Brokerage Co., Ltd. was established. President Li Jinyuan was elected a member of the 1st board of directors.

  • March 15

    A journalist from the Singapore United Morning News had an exclusive interview with President Li Jinyuan during his visit to Singapore. The Administration of Economic Development released a report titled "Chinese private company planned to construct a production base in Singapore, Tiens Group strived for public listing by the end of this year". The story reflected the local media's attention to Tiens Group.


  • November 1-7

    The 3rd TIENS (Berlin) International Annual Meeting 2002, with the theme of "Health, wealth, peace, and development", was held in Berlin, Germany. The Berlin annual meeting reflected on the development of Tiens Group as it reaches new levels in its developments and leaps.

  • August 6- August 8

    With the theme of "faith, cooperation, opening, win-win and leap-based development", the 1st TIENS International Logistics Products Fair was held at the head office of the Tiens Group. Based on its international logistics network , Tiens Group shared market information with local companies from more than 100 countries, and discussed the strategy of bringing national brands into the international market.

  • June 20

    President Li Jinyuan initiated an outstanding concept of "Six-Network Interaction" where the Human Resource Network is a matrix, the International Logistics Network is the infrastructure, the International Education Network is the safeguard, the International Capital Operation Network is the motive, the International Travel Network is the source, and the Internet is the tool. These six networks interact effectively on the basis of the features of each network. This theory promotes the development of TIENS' international market. The "Six-network Interaction" is recognized as a global innovation, unique in the direct selling industry and in the world.

  • March 25

    The Sino-Indonesian Economic and Trade Seminar, co-organized by the China Promotion of International Trade, China Chamber of Commerce, and the Indonesian Entrepreneurs Delegation, was held at the Beijing International Conference Hall. Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri attended and addressed the seminar. Tiens Group participated in the seminar as the only invited enterprise from Tianjin,

  • March 4

    Mr. Li Jinyuan, President of Tiens Group, Mr. Toshizo Watanabe, Chairman of the board of Nikken International, Mr. Michael Sheffield, Chairman of the International Direct Selling Association of America, and Mr. Jeffrey A. Babener, Chief Attorney, were invited to CCTV's Fortune Salon to attend the Fortune Forum.

  • January 19

    A grand celebration party was held marking China's entry into the World Trade Organization and featuring TIENS' new profile at the head office of TIENS in the Wuqing Development Area. TIENS' employees seized this opportunity to promote global trade between TIENS and other countries and to boost the rapid development of TIENS.


  • December 17

    Organized by Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, China Public Relation Association, and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Publishing House and undertaken by Tiens Group, the Senior Seminar on China Entry to WTO and the Enterprises Strategy was held at the International Convention Hall at Henderson Center in the head office of Tiens Group. The participants agreed that the enterprises should assess the current social situation, and innovate in their business operations, and development strategy. They should also strengthen their enterprises through qualified service as well as their talented employees. In addition, they should embrace international competition and challenges upon the opening of the Chinese market and also actively adapt themselves to economic globalization.

  • November 24

    The unveiling ceremony for the Golden Lion Sculpture was held at the Tiens Group head office. President Li Jinyuan cut the ribbon and unveiled the sculpture. The soaring Golden Lion sculpture is the 4th "TIENS" since the Group was established, and it encourages TIENS' employees to innovate and move forward.

  • November 15

    Tiens Group attended the First ASEAN Direct Selling Conference held in Malaysia. The General Manager of Asian Tiens Group, on behalf of President Li Jinyuan, delivered a speech on the rapid development of TIENS in the international market and the huge market potential of China.

  • November 6

    Tiens Group participated in the 2nd PECC International Trade Investment Expo, co-organized by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and the Tianjin People's Municipal Government. This Expo provided a stage for TIENS to better understand the rules of international marketing and business operations. The Expo brought TIENS into the international arena in order to understand international competition. Mr. Jing Shuping, Vice Chairman of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and Mr. Li Shenglin, Mayor of Tianjin City, visited the exhibition booth of Tiens Group accompanied by Mr. Li Jinyuan, President of Tiens Group.

  • August 1-4

    With the theme of "I love my family – TIENS", the 6th Anniversary Celebration of Tiens Group & the 2nd International "August 3" Celebration Convention was held at the St. Petersburg Sports Stadium in Russia. Tiens Group's presence in Russia demonstrates the company's qualitative leap in its global development. At the celebration, TIENS expressed its affection for different countries, races, and ethnicities.

  • May 5-11

    From May 5-11, 2000-2001 The Second TIENS International Seminar was held ceremoniously in Bangkok, Tailand Capital with the subject "Fly Together" as its theme. This seminar summaries TIENS oversea management experience and make a plan for Tiens Group future development. This seminar was first live broadcast online and gain extensive concern from media all around the world. This successful seminar lay firm foundation for TIENS and once again make world people witness TIENS people spirit of passion and innovation.


  • August 1-3

    The 1st Tiens Group "August 3" Celebration Convention, with the theme of "Flying Together", was opened in the State Concert Hall of the Grand Russian Hotel in Moscow. Over 2,000 TIENS employees gathered together from all over the world. With great joy, the convention celebrated the successes TIENS had achieved in the past five years. It marked the first time that TIENS held such an international conference. The success of the conference marked the start of global integration and the increasing status of Tiens Group in the international economic arena.

  • May 31

    Invited by the Russian government and the Asia-Pacific International Affairs Coordination Committee, President Li Jinyuan attended the Asia-Pacific Conference on New Technology Cooperation and Investment, which was held in Vladivostok, Russia. TIENS was the only foreign company invited. At the conference, Mr. Li Jinyuan talked with Mr. Schickgerny, Vice-President of the Asia-Pacific International Affairs Coordination Committee and Vice Governor of the Coastal Border Region, and Mr. Jiang Mingjun, Secretary-General of the Asia-Pacific International Affairs Coordination Committee, on issues related to science and technology cooperation and investment in the process of integrating Asia-Pacific countries.

  • April 15 --17

    The 1999-2000 1st International Annual Meeting of Tiens Group, with the theme of "Flying Together," was held in the Beijing Henderson Center, Diaoyutai State Guesthouse and the Stadium of Wuqing Development Area in Tianjin. This annual meeting was an important milestone for TIENS development as it included an oath-taking rally that Tiens Group was ready to enter into the international market in the 21st Century.

  • January 3

    Tiens Group was granted corporate membership from the Chinese Enterprise Association and the Executive Committee of Chinese Entrepreneurs Association. It was an important recognition for TIENS' accomplishments and encouraged TIENS' employees to work together and work hard for greater and better achievements.


  • November

    China Import and Export Commodity Quality Certification Center (CQC) granted TIENS the certification of ISO9002 Quality Management.

  • July 7

    The Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China officially approved the establishment of the Tianshi College, which marked the inception of the first State-admitted private institute of higher education invested and managed by Tiens Group in Tianjin.

  • May 15

    Tiens Group launched its overseas development strategy. The strategy indicated that Tiens Group would make great strides to enter into the international market.


  • December 18

    TIENS Head Office was set up on the 20th floor of Henderson Center on Jian'nei Street in Beijing.

  • April 21

    Both the national mission and TIENS' self-development required Tiens Group to respond to the national call and implement a transition strategy for its operations. Tiens Group decided to market its sales through franchise operations and, by presenting a single corporate image and a single brand in the 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, has established hundreds of franchise operations across China.


  • February

    Tianshi Nutrient Super Calcium Powder won the Gold Prize for Healthy Food at the Cooperative Conference of Global Inventors, Entrepreneurs and Investors in New York, United States. TIENS Acupont Treasure won the Gold Prize at the 1st International Einstein New Invention and New Technology (Products) Fair. This issue was highly regarded by Mr. Song Ping and Mr. Wang Guangying and other leaders of the central government. They suggested that TIENS "put it (TIENS Acupont Treasure) into practical use and win honors for our country"


  • August 3

    The 1st TIENS "August 3" Festival was held in Wuqing, Tianjin. TIENS' distributors across China gathered together to celebrate its first anniversary. President Li Jinyuan called on TIENS' employees to "step into the world beyond China". This celebration recorded the accomplishments created by TIENS' employees and was the manifesto of TIENS move towards the international community.


  • September – November

    TIENS set up branches in provinces, cities and autonomous regions. These branches would provide the foundation for the development of monopoly sales throughout the country, thus demonstrating that Tiens Group was established by way of a leap.

  • August 3

    TIENS, initiated its business, including network direct selling and sales of TIENS healthcare products. This represents TIENS initiation of its marketing of network direct selling.


  • November

    Tianshi Nutrient Super Calcium Powder received the Gold Award at the China Preventive Medicine Best Health Technology Products Fair in the 6th International Science and Peace Week.

  • September

    To swiftly transform scientific and technological achievement into productive forces, Tiens Group invested in plant construction, technology and equipment renovation. By consulting renowned domestic and overseas experts and scholars, Tiens Group overcame the difficulties in producing "Nutrient Super Calcium Powder". The birth of the first Tianshi Nutrient Super Calcium Powder inaugurated an era of calcium supplementation from the concept of medical therapy to that of food therapy.


  • December

    Tianjin Tiens Biology Engineering Co. established in December, specialized in producing series products of high calcium.

  • September

    TIENS stepped in Wuqing Develoment Zone and started the construction of production plant in September.


  • December

    President Li Jinyuan registered TIENS Economic Development Corporation (Former history of Tiens Group) with the Tanggu Development Area in the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Area (TEDA). From this point on, TIENS started on its course of industrial development.

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