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2011 Tiens Indonesia Asia-pacific Region Commendation Conference Successfully Held

On May 6 local time in Indonesia, for a systematic understanding of the development status of Tiens Group and the upcoming commendation conference by all our friends in Indonesia, Tiens Group Board Chairman Li Jinyuan attended the press conference accompanied by related leaders of Tiens Asia-pacific region, and was interviewed by media from 13 channels.
          The Press Conference

At 19:00 on May 7th, the 2011 Tiens Indonesia, Asia-pacific Region Commendation Conference officially opened on the Eagle Square, Bali Island. Some ten thousand Tiens marketing partners were present to witness the grand event. Mr. Li Jinyuan, Board Chairman of Tiens Group, also found time from his busy schedule to attend the conference.

 The President of Indonesia Direct-selling Association delivered a speech

Tiens Group Board Chairman Li Jinyuan Took Photos with Parts of  the Winners

At first, the President of Indonesia Direct-selling Association delivered a speech. And the most important part of the conference was the prize presentation to the excellent marketing partners in order to affirm and commend their great contribution to the market development. Representatives of winners also shared their successful experience with everyone.

In the end, Board Chairman Li Jinyuan made a summery lecture for the attendees and inspired them to take active part in the corporate development and endeavor to achieve a greater success with TIENS.

The day was also the big day for the Denpasar branch company in Bali to move to a new address. Board Chairman Li Jinyuan, President of Tiens Indonesia Direct-Selling Association, as well as other group leaders attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The change of address of the branch company is to respond to the call of the Tiens Group to become the first exemplary shop in Indonesia to upgrade the group's image.

The site of the ribbon-cutting ceremony

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