Latin America Region

As a response to America Region new market demands, Tiens Group decided to move the head office of TIENS America Region to Mexico City on February 2008, after almost five years of establishment in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The history of TIENS America Region is very dynamic, in a few years many branches have been opened in the most important countries of the region including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela, Canada and the US.

TIENS America Region has high organizational standards and a high level professional team. The Regional Headquarters is divided into 6 areas: The President's Office, HR & Administration, Finance, Marketing, Sales and Calculation & CRM.

In order to support the Region's development and important geographical location, Tiens Group decided to make an investment improving the flow of goods. A Logistics Center and an Industrial Plant were established in Brazil in order to exchange resources and local products between the countries of the region.

The products offered by TIENS in the American Region include food supplements, healthcare equipment, skin care cosmetics, perfumes and personal care products. Each country has incorporated new own products to the market according to its costumers' needs.

Because of TIENS' quick development and the social help it has offered, Tiens Group has obtained the support of local authorities in each country where is represented. In April 2005, Mr. Li Jinyuan, President of Tiens Group, was welcomed by the President, the Vice-president and several Ministers from Peru, and by the Prime Minister and the Federal Planning Minister from Argentina.

TIENS America Region has a social service and health philosophy, demonstrated by its provision of solidarity support to different populations. It has already donated two schools in Peru (one of them has been called "TIENS School") and a large sum of money for "El Retoño" Kids Refuge in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tiens Group actively takes on corporate social responsibility, and has donated more than RMB 1.5 billion to public welfare and social charities.

The direct Sales market is a constantly growing one. Therefore, it is important to be updated about this area. For that reason, almost every American branch has joined the corresponding National Direct Sales Association. The branches are informed about direct sales news as a result of these association memberships and maintain a strong communication among the companies involved in the direct sales business and strategic partners.

All countries of TIENS America Region have Direct Sales Association membership except Peru. TIENS Argentina has been a member since 2005, TIENS Brazil since 2001, TIENS Chile since 2005, TIENS Venezuela since 2006, and also TIENS Colombia is associated. TIENS Ecuador and TIENS Mexico from 2007. All of these countries have laws and codes that regulate the direct sales activity.

TIENS America Region is committed to meet the company's objectives and the needs of society in order to promote a successful and healthy future for all the America Continent.


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