Latest News

Chairman Li Jinyuan Attended the CEO Committee Meeting of the DSA and the Global Conference of the WFDSA(2011-10-14)
Tiens Chairman Li Jinyuan Wins Special Government Subsidy and Certificate Awarded By State Council(2011-09-29)
Series Report for the 4th “Tiens Group Quality Month” Event(2011-09-14)
Zhang Mingqi, Deputy Chairman of China Federation of Trade Unions and Secretary of secretariat has visited Tiens Group(2011-09-09)
Wang Yanfeng, President of China Health & Medical Development Foundation, has visited Tiens Group(2011-09-08)
Successful Establishment Ceremony of "Tiens Health Food Safety Research Center of CAIQ” (2011-09-06)
Settlement of China's First Health Food Safety Research Center in TIENS Attracted Media Attention(2011-09-01)
A Heartfelt Donation to Mark Friendship Between the Army and People(2011-08-18)
In the Flourishing Summer, People Gather Together to Celebrate the 16th Anniversary of Tiens Group (2011-08-09)
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