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The introduction of TIENS International Health Industrial Park

The introduction of TIENS International Health Industrial Park

Since its foundation in 1995, Tiens Group has become a multinational group of biotech industry specializing in manufacturing, retail, international trade, international tourism, e-business, finance, education etc. It has 8000 management persons working under its umbrella dedicated to uphold the management philosophy of “Contributing to society by restoring health to mankind”. Its unique operation models have given rise to rapid expansion. It has now branches in 110 countries serving 190 nations, with a stable consumer force of 16 million families worldwide. It has registered more than 100 subsidiaries and developed over 4000 authorized distributor stores in China.

Backed by 5000 years of Chinese traditional medicine and modern technology, Tiens Group has developed its 4 own unique and popular series of Health Food, Beauty Care , Health Care, Home Care items giving rise to over 1400 product units. Its growth has taken a steady, consistent and rapid upward trend. Tiens Group landed itself into NASDAQ (American Capital Market) in September 2003 and AMEX (American Stock Exchange) in April 2005.

In order to satisfy the ever-increasing world demand for its products, to strengthen its investment strategies and long-term development goals so as to become one of the World Top 500 companies, Tiens decided to build its International Health Industrial Park, or the international headquarters, in Wuqing New-tech Industrial Park, Tianjin due to numerous benefits such as a conducive investment climate, stable policies, excellent infrastructure, convenient transportation and good logistic flow.

I. An eye on global expansion with expanded production capacity, elevated research and quality control, plus a world-class headquarters.

TIENS International Health Industrial Park, with about 7 billion RMB invested, occupies a land area of 1200 mou, out of which 860 mou of land with a built-up area of 450,000 square meters is reserved for phase 1 project and about 400 mou of land with a built-up area of 300,000 square meters for phase 2 project.

The Park is an integrated base for research, incubation testing, manufacturing, international logistics, international training and international tourism. When it is completed it will have a production capacity of 30 billion RMB and be the engine head to spearhead corporate cohesiveness, innovation, international branding and continuous corporate development.

We shall get an international architect and building material supplier to make the Estate an avant-garde property with the most advanced energy conservation system making it an epitome of recyclable economic development —a world class park for a world class enterprise.

Modern workshop with fully automated world class logistic control—the workshops and warehouse are situated at the west end of the Park with a built-up area of 100,000 square meters. The warehouse will be equipped with 24-metre automated shelves and fully-automated distribution and packing system. TIENS places a lot of emphasis on its manufacturing facilities—the cleanest workshops and the most stringent compliance to GMP standards. All the modern equipment in the workshops is fully imported from Germany, Italy and America to ensure high efficiency and top quality control—a reflection of TIENS commitment to excel and outperform international competition.

A R&D center of international standards—the R&D Center is an important strategic department. The company churns back more than 3% of its sales revenue into research to develop market-driven products based on a Independent-research spirit and international cooperation. Now TIENS owns 33 certified health supplements, the clear leader in China’s healthcare industry. There were 149 research items in 2007, out of which 2 were led by the top management and became the major stars in the scientific projects of the Eleven Five-Year Plan, on their way to be the major biotechnology breakthrough for TIENS. The center will house a very hi-tech technical department equipped with the most advanced experimentation apparatus to contribute to national technical advancement. The technical department will concentrate on 3 key areas—plant chemistry, biochemistry and polypeptide purification techniques. With such world class hardware and software, TIENS will enroll local and international specialists to join its research team to ensure a perpetual driving force.

The uncompromising Chemical Inspection center—TIENS is already ISO9001: 2000 certified, GMP certified by the Chinese FDA, GMP certified for its health supplements and HACCP certified. It has obtained its ISO17025 certificate from CNAS (“China National Accreditation Service”> and passed the ISO14000 test for international EMS (“Environment Management System”). To ensure high quality products to all consumers, TIENS will import the most advanced testing and production equipment for the Chemical Inspection Center for better and more efficient QC control.

II. TIENS will develop the “Tertiary Industry” to meet the economic demands of Peri-Bohai Sea Economic Circle. Rising to the call for developing industrial tourist attractions by the National Tourism Administration, TIENS will build the infrastructure for international tourism, international conventions, international training, medical rehabilitation etc. to give its best Tertiary Industry base in Beijing-Tianjin area.

All these facilities will be available in the TIENS International Health Industrial Park—modern educational seminars, conferences and expos, large scale performances, banquets, hospitality services—to serve and provide our business partners as well as local and overseas guests with world class training and expos, rehabilitation and leisure activities. The Park will be a renowned international destination for wide-spectrum services.

The Education & training center in the Park can accommodate 7000 people, with an extraordinary broadcast hall that can serve as an opera house. The convention can even be broadcast live via digital network. TIENS vow to provide the best training, convention and expo facilities and services to its local and overseas users.

The Consultation and Reception Center of Phase 1 include a platinum 5-star hotel, a 4-star hotel and high class condominium that are located on a built-up area of 160,000 square meters. There are 1600 rooms to accommodate 3000 people coming for training, convention or seminar at any one time. There are standard rooms, double rooms, executive suites and a 1,300 square meters presidential suite. The banquet hall and grand ballrooms in the 5-star and 4-star hotels can accommodate 6000 diners at any one time so as to satisfy the needs of all business travelers and tourists alike. It will be the biggest training, convention and expo center in Beijing-Tianjin area.

For political figures and business tycoons, TIENS has set aside the most luxurious hotel—TIENS Tang Palace just for them. A mimicry of an ancient Tang palace, the building offers a lot of space and grandeur to parallel Tang magnificence. In the second phase of construction, TIENS will come up with breathtaking French and American architectures (Fontainebleau Palace and White House look-alike) for distinguished guests.

To portray TIENS’ in-depth involvement in the life sciences, it will build a Life Sciences Research Center on 27000 square meters of land. The 5-storey building will have individual floors for life sciences research, clinical trials, rehabilitation etc. to allow for lively, interesting and humanistic spatial arrangements and house all the advanced equipment.

The Park has a 3000-metre deep hot spring well, with an output of 60 tons/hour at a temperature of 95℃ to provide precious trace elements and minerals for rehab patients and tourists alike. There is also a greenhouse plus an indoor and outdoor hot spring hydrotherapy pool to cater for treatment and leisure needs.

III. Grabbing the golden opportunity of the Peri-Bohai Sea Economic Development, TIENS built its International Health Industrial Park as an icon of integrated property.

Expanding TIENS global business—riding on its strategic alliance with World Top 500 companies in 27 countries (Pfizer of USA, L’oreal of France, Shiseido of Japan, Sinar Mas Group of Indonesia, Formosa Plastics Group of Taiwan, HSBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank etc), TIENS will expand these strategic partnership via OEM, ODM etc. to get them to produce the most advanced hi-tech products and sell them via its own marketing network throughout the world. TIENS is going to set up an e-commerce with the help of Microsoft, develop its own Mastercard with ICBC (Industry and Commercial Bank of China) to open up electronic business and guarantee an efficient e-business and financial services.

The establishment of the International Health Industrial Park will help TIENS to perfect its integrated property base which is perfectly in line with the development of the Binhai New District. It will bang hard on consumer, investment and export markets through modern technologies, enhanced work force, innovative management to build consumer confidence, perfect consumer policies, spur brand consumerism to further stimulate the growth of China’s new economic development.

TIENS has set the platform for ‘operation, consumption make more wealth through international marketing’. It has also created the basic conditions for upstream, midstream and downstream integrated property formation. Its established local and international markets will spur the growth of other manufacturing enterprises, raw material packaging industry and form a long property chain that links up human resources, logistics, capital flow and information exchange. It will no doubt stimulate more international logistic transfer, delivery, purchase, re-export, export of processed goods etc. to elevate the image of public enterprises, to encourage more strategic alliances, to ease the unemployment pressure in China, and ultimately to enhance local competitiveness and boost local economy.

With such a consummate development opportunity in hand, TIENS is ready to consolidate its sense of responsibility and mission to expedite the establishment of its International Health Industrial Park and to propel itself into World Top 500 and contribute to the development of Tianjin.

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